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Bio of Dr. Susan Heitler

Susan Heitler, PhD, internationally recognized Denver clinical psychologist and author.

Dr. Susan Heitler is currently living in Raanana, Israel. She accepts new clients for treatment only in Israel.

Dr. Susan Heitler’s psychotherapy treatment methods

Dr. Heitler’s treatment methods aim to help clients to deal more effectively with the problems in their lives by

1) helping them to understand the factors from their current and also their past experiences that are impacting their current feelings

2) guiding them to solutions to their current challenges

3) coaching them in communication and conflict resolution skills that can facilitate a better future

4) facilitating healing from the past traumas that have continued to impact their current well-being.

5) utilizing visualization techniques for treating depression, anxiety, and anger.

Dr. Heitler demonstrates one of her visualization techniques in the TEDx talk below.  For more information on these techniques, see her article on Bump Theory and her book Prescriptions Without Pills.

In addition to her work as a therapist, Dr. Susan Heitler has worn a number of related psychological hats.

Books and other publications by Dr. Susan Heitler

Dr. Heitler is best known in the therapy community for bringing understandings of conflict resolution to the professional literature on psychotherapy.  In addition Dr. Heitler has also written multiple self-help books for the general public.


Dr. Heitler graduated from Harvard  University in 1967.  She earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from NYU in 1975.

Parental Alienation

Dr. Heitler’s website serves as a resource center for information about parental alienation.

Awards and Accomplishments

Dr. Heitler has been awarded Fellow status from the American Psychological Association and also from Division 42 within the APA.

From all the marriage therapists in the US, the editors of the master therapist video series Assessment and Treatment of Psychological Disorders selected Dr. Heitler to demonstrate techniques of couple treatment.  Her video from this series, The Angry Couple: Conflict Focused Treatment, has become a staple in marriage therapist training programs.

The editors of the Psychologist Desk Reference selected Dr. Heitler to write the chapter on Treating High Conflict Couples.

Dr. Heitler’s 1997 book The Power of Two (New Harbinger) has been translated for publication in six foreign language editions for readers in China, Taiwan, Israel, Turkey, Brazil and Poland.

Dr. Heitler was invited to give the keynote address in Beirut, Lebanon at the 2015 1st Pan-Arab Psychology Conference.

Dr. Heitler is frequently interviewed in magazines such as Fitness, Men’s Health, Women’s World, and Parenting.  Her cases have appeared often in the Ladies Home Journal column “Can This Marriage Be Saved?”

Denver TV newscasters interview her for perspectives on psychological aspects of current events.

In May, 2004 Dr. Heitler appeared on the CBS Early Show where anchor Harry Smith introduced her as “the most influential person in my life—my therapist.”  He encouraged his viewers similarly to seek therapy when they feel  distressed and to check out pre-marital counseling before they wed.

Dr. Heitler’s blogposts on have received over 24 million views.  Most recently, in addition to writing about marriage and about emotions like depression and anxiety, Dr. Heitler has been focusing on educating the public about parental alienation and about new psychological treatments for chronic pain.

A U.S. Healthy Marriages Initiative grant enabled Dr. Heitler and her associates to produce an interactive online program for teaching marriage communication and conflict resolution skills.  Hundreds of couples have benefited from this fun, low-cost, high-impact program for learning the skills for a strong and loving marriage.Personal

Dr. Heitler and her husband of more than 45 years are proud parents of four happily married adult children and grateful grandparents of sixteen grandchildren.

For more information

Visit Dr. Heitler’s blog at

Visit Dr. Heitler’s website for free handouts and videos to help you feel better when you have been feeling distressed.

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