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Dale Petterson, MA, Ed.S.

Energy Therapist

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I treat a wide range of psychological states including anxiety, depresson, residues of trauma, anger, general distress, low self-esteem, addictive patterns, the psychological factors that can perpetuate chronic pain, and self-defeating thoughts or behaviors.

I begin by assessing if there is a psychological reversal. If so, I identify and treat this subconscious element as a first and essential step.

When someone is in a state of reversal, they subconsciously keep doing things that fit the self-statement “I want to be miserable.”  Once the reversal has been lifted, the person  subconsciously as well as consciously acts in accord with the self-statement, “I want to be happy.”

The emotion code method of treatment for reversal enables the condition to be eliminated quickly and permanently, barring further emotionally traumatic experiences.  Without first neutralizing the reversal, psychotherapy of any type, traditional or energy-based, is unlikely to prove fully effective.


Energy-based psychological treatment methods, like conventional psychotherapy, begin with finding out what symptoms the client would like to see removed.  These target symptoms can be feelings, such as, depression or anger, unwanted thoughts, behavior patterns, such as, repeatedly choosing partners for close relationships who prove to be difficult people,  physical discomforts that may or may not be related to emotional causes, or psychological reversal states that result in an inability to benefit from traditional psychotherapeutic interventions.

In addition to conventional diagnostic techniques I use Emotion Code and multiple other newer methodologies.  These identify at a deep unconscious levels what difficulties need to be addressed.

I then take a brief history of the emergence, frequency, and duration of the symptoms.

To ameliorate the target symptoms I utilize a broad range of bioenergetic techniques.  I generally begin by identifying trapped emotions (emotions remembered by the body but not necessarily consciously accessible) that may be at the root of the problem.  Using muscle testing I identify the name of the emotion, the age of onset of the trapped emotion, what part of the body the emotion became lodged in, and generally a few key details about the experience such as what happened, the concerns evoked in the situation, and the key people involved.

These negative emotions may quickly be released by various energetic change techniques, which may include magnetic energy, cold laser light, and other noninvasive techniques. This process generally takes only a few moments to accomplish and typically causes no emotional discomfort to the client. I then muscle test again to determine if the trapped memory has been released.  If so, the negative feeling formerly associated with that memory will generally also be eradicated.  This release often produces positive and adaptive changes in present-time feelings and behaviors, which often leads to improvement in relationships and better physical/mental functioning.

The duration of treatment depends upon the nature and severity of a client’s problems. Treatment typically is of short duration for each specific target symptom, that is, one to ten sessions each one hour in length.  In most cases, I can estimate the approximate length of treatment within the first session or two.

I expect to see rapid and clear progress.  I encourage my clients to seek a second opinion from another therapist and/or terminate therapy at any time if they or I feel that my treatment methods are not bringing them clearly discernable relief from their difficulties.


My university education has included a BA (‘65) from Michigan State University, a Masters in Educational Psychology (‘68) from Michigan State University, and a Educational Specialist degree (‘70) in Educational Psychology from Michigan State University with a specialization in School Psychology.

In my search for deeper and more efficient therapy methods I have studied and/or have taken training in a multitude of energy treatment methods that enable a therapist to facilitate lasting changes in very short periods of time.  These energy treatment interventions are based on the work of many of the pioneering energy therapists including Roger Callahan, Ph. D., Jimmy Scott, Ph.D., Scott Walker, DC, D. A. Versendaal, DC, John Diamond M.D., etc.

I first became involved in energy psychology/medicine more than 20 years ago and have used the basic concepts of this modality of treatment in my practice of psychotherapy for approximately ten years.  I have received training in Touch for Health, Contact Reflex Analysis, One Brain (Three-In-One Concepts), Neuro Emotional Technique, Total Body Modification, Psy-K, Splankna, Health Kinesiology, The Body Code, The Emotion Code, and some course work in homeopathy.  Additionally, the training I received in hypnotherapy at Michigan State University more than 25 years ago and have utilized for many years in my clinical practice over the past several decades has aided in my evolving understanding of the workings of unconscious processes.

In my practice as a psychotherapist I integrate these many energy treatment methods with cognitive-behavioral and eclectic treatment strategies.


For many years I worked as a school psychologist (19 years) and a psychotherapist (21 years).  My practice in psychotherapy was in the state of Michigan where I held licenses as a Limited Licensed Psychologist and a State Certified Social Worker for approximately 30 years. During this period as a psychotherapist I counseled children, adults and families, having more than 40,000 contact hours with them.

I am currently licensed  in Colorado in the category of unlicensed psychotherapist.

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